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Railway Wheel Lathes 1AK200, 1AK200 ZIP, 1AK200 Compact

Mobile, portable railway wheel lathes for locomotive and railway wagon wheels


1AK200 Ltd., Maslovi 1, Narva, 20104, ESTONIA

Mailing address: 1AK200 Ltd., P.O.Box 1216, Narva, 20601, Estonia

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Now we accept orders for the railway wheel turning lathe 1AK200.
Manufacturing time FOB Tallinn or Narva, Estonia - 3 months after prepayment depending of lathe model.

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Portable wheel lathe "1AK200 COMPACT" model of year 2018.
Price 22100.00 EUR EXW Narva, Estonia.
Weight about 100 kg. Manufacturing time (FOB/FCA Narva or Tallinn):
3 months after prepayment.

Mobile wheel lathe "1AK200".
Price 33600.00 EUR EXW Narva, Estonia.
Total weight about 350 kg. Manufacturing time FOB/FCA Narva or Tallinn:
3 months after prepayment.
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railway wheel turning lathe

The device for elimination of wheelset defects, which appear in the course of rail rolling stock operation, consists of two double-bodies of the same type, support, sliding cup-tip cutting tool, rubber-proofed roller and AC motor in a light-weight aluminum case, it is equipped with a special carriage with a removable T-lever. The device is portable and simple to operate, increases the wheel turning process and removes wheelset defects, extends rolling stock service time.

Railway Wheel Turning Lathe - paragraph image

The mobile railway wheel turning lathe is designed for rail transport, for wheels of locomotives, motor and freight wagons, in particular, it can be used for elimination of some wheel defects, which appear while in service.

A device is known, which, for elimination of rolling stock wheel defects during depot maintenance requires rolling out wheelset from under the wagon with the help of wheel-lifting devices.

In this case each wheel is turned separately on a stationary machine.

The offered device for elimination of wheel defects appearing while in operation, does not require rolling out wheelsets from under the rolling stock, the wheelset is turned simultaneously.

This device can be used everywhere, where an asphalt or concrete lot is available at the level of railhead, and for turning of locomotive wheels an additional pit track is required.

The assignment of the device applied for is to extend wheel service time, reducing rolling stock maintenance time.

Technical result of the assignment is - elimination of wheel defects (sharp flange, reduced flange in case of wear and resurfacing).

For this end for turning wheels of a locomotive with power traction motor, a support is set under the wheel being turned.

The wheelset preliminary should be lifted and leveled against the railhead by 15-25 mm with help of hydraulic jacks of 30t lifting capacity.

One of the jacks is placed on the support body and serves for its fixation against the wheel turned.

60 V DC from a power supply is applied to the terminals of the traction motor of the wheelset turned.

After energizing the wheelset starts to rotate at the rate 200-240 r/min.

The holder of the turning tool is moving to the wheel surface to be turned and the turning process starts.

The surface processed is checked by a locomotive profile gauge.


Locomotive battery can be used as the power supply source.

40V voltage is tapped off the battery by a portable copper cable of 40 mm2 and applied to rheostat terminals.

During a wagon wheel turning the wheelset preliminary should be lifted by 30 t lifting capacity hydraulic jack and leveled against railhead by 15-25 mm.

Support is placed under the wheel being turned.

An actuator is placed under the opposite wheel of the wheelset.

One jack is placed on the surface of the support body, another - at the level of the surface of the actuator body.

The jacks are the basic fixing link between the support and actuator roller against the wheelset turned.

The device is connected to 220 V AC, 40 V and 100 A power supply.

With the aid of the rheostat the actuator roller rotation rate is set to minimal - 100 r/min.

According to the principle of friction gear the actuator roller is brought to contact with the wheel tread, the rheostat increases the actuator roller rotation rate and the rotation rate of the wheel turned is brought up to 200-240 r/min.

The cutter holder with the cup-tip tool is moving to the surface turned and the turning process starts.

The processed surface is checked by the wagon profile gauge.

The further turning process is identical to the previous one.

Railway wheel turning lathe - figures

The device consists of six major elements - support (1), actuator (4), rheostat (6), power supply (5) and two hydraulic jacks (3).

Support consists of two slides for moving the cutter and its holder (2) parallel and perpendicular the axle of the wheelset turned and the body.

The actuator consists of a 5 kW DC electric motor with rotation rate n = 1400 r/min, transmitting the rotary moment to the wheel and mechanisms regulating the binding power between the roller and the wheel and the body.

The rheostat consists of a set of active resistors and six contact-breakers, rheostat power is 10 kW.

The power supply consists of voltage transformer, diode bridge and current and voltage gauges.

Application of this device enables simultaneous performance of wheel turning and maintenance, which ensures rail traffic safety and reduces maintenance time of the rolling stock.

Prototype: Technical documentation for maintenance (1987) of a special double-support lathe for wheelset turning, Model UBC 150; built 1987; machine-tool plant RAFAMET in Kuznia Radziborska; Poland.


1.The mobile device for turning rail rolling stock wheels, consisting of support, cutter, stationary body, is notable for no need to roll out the wheelset from under the rolling stock as the wheelset is turned due to application of the portable body, actuator and jacks.

2.The device described in p.1. is notable for use of locomotive battery as a power supply for wheel turning.


Mobile device for turning rail rolling stock wheels.

It is applied for elimination of wheel defects, which appear while in service.

Assignment - extension of wheel service time, reduction of rolling stock out-of-service time.

Technical result - elimination of sharp flange, reduced flange in case of wear and resurfacing.

The defects are eliminated without rolling wheelsets out from under the loaded rolling stock, which reduces delay time and improves traffic safety.

The device consists of a portable body, support, actuator, rheostat, power supply and two jacks.

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